Even more terrible cousins visit the Bennets in “Step Lively, Mr. Darcy”

Step Lively, Mr. Darcy: A Lighthearted Darcy and Elizabeth Christmastime Romance by Laura Hile

This funny and relatively action-packed Pride & Prejudice retelling brings the Thorpe family from Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey to Hertfordshire as an augmented cast of cringe-inducing cousins visiting the Bennets. Readers who are unfamiliar with Northanger Abbey will appreciate the addition of these lively, ridiculous characters just as much as those who have read the book.

The unique storyline brings Mr. Bingley back to Hertfordshire for Christmas, determined to enjoy more time with Jane. Mr. Darcy accompanies him against his better judgement, but in the face of finding Elizabeth with a determined and overexuberant suitor, John Thorpe, Darcy’s resolve to avoid Elizabeth weakens considerably. Meanwhile other characters are thrown into the drama, including Isabella Thorpe, Mr. Collins, George Wickham, and others.

Some readers may not be delighted to find the Darcy and Elizabeth characters behave a bit unlike themselves in this fun story, but it had me laughing and wanting more.

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