The tables are turned: Bingley recovers at Longbourn with Darcy’s help in “An Accidental Holiday”

An Accidental Holiday: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (The Accidental Love Series) by Melanie Rachel

This this Pride & Prejudice “what if” adaptation, Mr. Bingley is thrown from a horse in Hertfordshire and becomes stranded in the snow the day after the Netherfield Ball. When he is discovered by Jane and Elizabeth Bennet, the safest course is to bring him home to Longbourn, where his family can find him. However, Caroline Bingley’s relentless snobbery and prejudice against the Bennet family prevents the Bingley sisters from providing assistance, and Mr. Darcy alone comes to nurse his friend.

This story did a great job turning the tables on the scenario where Elizabeth nurses Jane at Netherfield Park by bringing Darcy to Longbourn as Bingley’s nurse. Seeing the Bennets up close at home providing kind and capable care to his friend, Darcy’s view of the family softens. Predictably foolish stunts by Caroline Bingley, Mr. Collins, and Lady Catherine, plus some friendly trickery from Charles Bingley, make this an entertaining read.

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